We can help to maintain and modernize your IT Frontline QA Tracker has been a great resource for my 911 Center. Frontline has helped me build and boost the Quality Assurance Program with abilities to review police,fire, and EMS calls and radio traffic. I really feel that the transparency and fluency of the program itself has helped morale in my center. Anyone involved or set as a supervisor has the ability to add their own notes or comments and keep the lines of communication open. Supervisors can go direct with their team on their specific results as a whole.

The APCO/NENA standard evaluation form was pre-loaded, but easily customizable to my specific agency. I was able to modify category of questions, verbiage, add my own, remove questions, assign a points system, and other options. All of this being archived saves us lots of paperwork and storage.

Recently, my agency purchased the DOR Evaluation software. I cannot praise this program and all its features enough. I was able to customize every category, question, and explanation of grade to best fit each seat position/radio my center operates. Trainers work better all having the same understanding of the questions, as I customized them to be detailed and clear. It is awesome to be able to see a timeline or graph of progress for trainees.

Customer Service response is very quick and clear, whether it be email or phone. I highly recommend the QA and DOR software to any 911 Centers who are developing or looking to improve their QA Program or Training Program. Or if you're just sick of all the printed paperwork and storage.



As the new Communications Manager for Baytown Public Safety Communications, one of my goals is to provide consistent training and improve performance among my personnel. Frontline Public Safety Solutions is the best that is on the market. I love the ability to track and evaluate performance in one application that you can access online anytime. The reporting mechanism provides flexibility and customization, and allows your agency leadership an overview of your employees to bridge any training gaps your agency is lacking.

Roderick Jackson

Director - Baytown, TX
President - Texas APCO

The officers have had nothing but good things to say about your program. They like how everything is easy to access and complete reports. As far as the administrative side it is going to very easy to show the use of force ratio to call volume which is a huge plus for us as a police department with scrutiny placed on officers using force when needed. Again thank you very much and if anything should arise I will be sure to contact you.

JL Hardy

Criminal Investigations Captain
Roanoke Rapids Police Department

I couldn’t be happier with Frontline’s Training Tracker. We were initially using Microsoft Access and a filing cabinet to keep track of training. The result was a piecemeal mess, and a very difficult to use database. Training Tracker is not only exceedingly easy to learn and use, but it is easily customizable to fit any department’s needs. Now we can access our training records online, from anywhere, and even see scans of any training documents we put in it, providing a valuable backup off our systems. Training Tracker also helps us keep tabs on where each employee is in fulfilling state mandated training, which has become critically important in this day and age.

Ethan and the gang have been exceptional in providing help and support whenever I need it. I can’t recommend the Training Tracker program enough.

Ed Berg

Training Coordinator
West Chicago Police Department

The Frontline software package has been absolutely incredible.

I started off with the Vacation Watch Module. Our residents are blown away at how efficient the system operates.

For example, when my officers arrive at a residence, they complete a security check of the home. They enter the information into the database, and within seconds, the resident receives a time and date stamped email indicating the officers conducted a security check of their home. The system can also be used to document business checks as well.

We also use the Pet Registration Database. That program requires zero effort on the part of the police department. Residents can enter their pet’s information, along with a photo of the animal. The database is accessed from our police cruisers and gives officers access to search for lost/found pets, and is searchable by many different parameters.

We recently initiated the Citizen Reporting Module in response to COVID19 in an effort to allow our residents to make a police report without coming to the police station or calling our dispatch center.

The best thing about Frontline is that Ben & Ethan will always listen to our input and they’ve actually implemented features based on our input.

I can’t say enough good things about this software. We use it EVERY DAY! It’s worth every penny and I would encourage you to try it out.

Chief Michael Rizzo

South Russell Police Department

Frontline’s Quality Assurance Tracker has provided PSAPs with the ability to vastly streamline the process of reviewing 9-1-1 calls and the related dispatches.

In all my years in Public Safety Communications I have never had the pleasure to work with a company that was so remarkably responsive to input and reacts so swiftly to address any question or concern. The ability to customize their product is unparalleled within public safety communications software for quality assurance reviews.

Their analytics provide management with vital tools for targeted training and a clear understanding of their staff’s compliance to the organization’s policies and procedures. This product is not only extraordinarily cost effective but is a major game changer for any size PSAP.

Sherrill Ornberg, ENP RPL

Director of Quality Assurance
Denise Amber Lee Foundation

I have to say I’ve been very impressed and pleased with your guys’ willingness to hear feedback and actually do something with it. Many businesses in your field either don’t want to hear the feedback or won’t every try to make the changes.

Sgt. Pilon

Hopkins Police Department
Hopkins MN

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