Web-Based Quality Assurance / Quality Improvement Program

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QA Tracker Features:
  • Customize to your agency’s needs and standards
  • Proactively identify gaps in training and policy in your organization
  • Comes loaded with APCO/NENA evaluation form to fulfill ANS Standard
  • Give integral feedback to employees on performance and expectations
  • Detailed dashboards provide insight into employee performance

Solution for the APCO/NENA ANS Standard

Frontline QA Tracker provides you with a web-based solution to the APCO/NENA ANS Standard for establishment of a Quality Assurance and Quality Improve-ment program for Public Safety Answering Points by providing you with customizable QA/QI forms along with highly desirable standardized reports.

Plug and Play Technology
QA Tracker comes “Pre-Loaded” with the APCO/NENA standard evaluation form, includ-ing complete point system.

  • Call Taking for Police
  • Dispatching for Police
  • Call Taking for Fire
  • Dispatching for Fire
  • Call Taking for EM
  • Dispatching for EMS

Manage Employees and Evaluators

Easily enter the users/employees you want to utilize the QA Tracker. You can flag certain employees as "evaluators", allowing management and/or peer to peer evaluations.

Administrators have full access to QA Tracker, managing employees, creating custom forms, and full access to the reports and dashboards.

Supervisors have access to view QA’s as well as reports.

Users have limited access to their own evaluations, but they can view their scores as well as a personal dashboard.


Create Custom Forms

Select from the pre-loaded forms or create your own.

Create as many forms as you need, from APCO/NENA standards to internal procedures. You have the capabilities to mix and match how you see fit.

The form wizard allows you to create your categories and questions, and re-arrange then into a logical order.

Can integrate other QA program reports to allow you to use one simple program for all your Quality Assurance


Manage Categories and Questions

When creating custom quality assurance evaluation forms, the administrator has the ability to cus-tomize categories.

Your evaluation forms can be modified at any point with the ability to enable and disable cate-gories and questions.


Employee Dashboards

Each employee has a their own dashboard that they have access to.

These dashboards contain all their completed evaluations, types of reviews they’ve re-ceived, and an average score. Great for allowing your employees to review their past evaluations and export PDF files for their personal records.

Supervisor and Administrator roles have access to the entire employee roster and can view each employee dashboard individually.


QA Tracker Dashboard

QA Tracker Dashboard Puts it All in Perspective!

Administrators and Supervisors have access to the dashboard to get a visual on how the team is performing. Get a high level view of your organization’s performance.

Simple dropdown options allows you to view data by week, month, year and custom date ranges.



We include eight reports to give you any data point you might require.

Some examples:

  • How many times any combination of data has occurred
  • Performance results for specific questions evaluated
  • Overall employee QA performance statistics, down to the question
  • Total evaluations completed per employee
  • Follow up to alerts
  • Time spent doing QAs overall as well as average time per evaluation

The results can be exported in PDF or XLS formats.

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