Manage, Track and Analyze your Employee Performance Evaluations

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Performance Tracker Features:
  • Customize evaluation forms and manage scoring options
  • Track employee performance year over year
  • Easy bulk assign Supervisors to Employees and distribute quickly
  • Set and manage the progress of goals
  • Analyze and report on the status of open evaluations
  • Manage risk and stay on pace to complete evaluations on time

Easy to “Bulk Assign” Evaluations to Supervisors to Complete

  • Administrators can create “Campaigns” allowing them to assign employees to evaluators so no one gets missed
  • Queue’s up the evaluation forms for the Supervisors doing the evaluations
  • Set due dates for evaluators to complete assessments
  • Reports allow Administrators to track evaluation progress and send automated reminders when needed
  • Can reuse “Campaigns” from one year to the next while making any minor changes

Anniversary Based Evaluations with Built-in Notifications per Individual Employee

  • Option to set up an evaluation based upon individual employees’ hire dates
  • Automated notification email to Administrator prior to hire date
  • Easily queue up an evaluation for that employee’s supervisor to complete

Create Evaluations for as Many Roles in your Agency as Needed

  • Create as many completely customizable forms as you need for the different roles in your organization
  • Easily evaluate employees based on specialty or rank
  • Allows for more specific scoring of the different types of tasks your employees are doing

Define Scoring at Individual Question Level & Overall Form

  • Able to define for your evaluators how to score each individual question
  • Easy to define for your agency your overall scoring methodology

Narrative, Scored, or Hybrid Based Evaluating Options

• Use any evaluation model within the Frontline program
• Create and customize narrative based evaluations
• Can choose between “1-2” scoring models all the way to “1-10”
• Able to utilize a combination of scoring and narrative based options within a single form


Define Scoring at Individual Question Level & Overall Form

  • Wide range of scoring options and narrative based forms are available
  • Easy access to your saved evaluations
  • Access employee’s historical evaluations to check for improvement year over year
  • Set goals for the evaluated employee directly from the evaluation page

Create SMART Goals and Track Progress of Achievement

  • Add due dates and milestones to employee goals
  • Option to add employee driven goals
  • Automated reminders to employee to help stay on track

Link to other Frontline Products for Easy Reporting of Performance Analytics

Frontline products link directly into Performance Tracker to provide employee data necessary to complete evaluations

Easily access employee historical data from other Frontline products.


Administration can Track Progress of Evaluators Throughout Entire Process

  • Easily find where any evaluation is in the approval or employee signature process
  • Digital signatures mean no more trying to track down paper evaluations

Due Dates Reminders to Ensure Evaluations are Completed on Time

  • Evaluations clearly note due date for the evaluator to complete
  • Administrators are able to send reminders when due date is less than 30 days away as well as overdue

Digital Signatures for Administration Approval of Evaluations

  • Everyone in the appropriate chain of command can easily sign off on evaluations before they are given to employees
  • Minimizes likelihood of appeals of evaluations by employees
  • Streamlines approval process

Track Employee Performance from Year to Year

  • Compare employees’ scores from one year to the next
  • Easily check previous year’s goals and whether they were achieved

Track Evaluation Deadlines

  • Easily identify evaluations that are over-due, or within 30 days of their due date
  • Send notifications to evaluators alerting them of the status of their open evaluations

Check Status of Your Evaluators

Compare the number of open evaluations of your evaluators to indicate who has the most pending


Administrator Status Report

  • Administrators have full access to all evaluations
  • Easily review the progress of all open evaluations

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