Field Training Software for Police Manage and Track Your Daily Observation Reports

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FTO Tracker Features:
  • Customize your own categories and questions
  • Select between multiple scoring options
  • Accountability through an automated signature process
  • Track training progress through easy to interpret graphs
  • Trainee time-line to visualize progress from day-to-day

Customize Your DOR Forms, Categories and Questions

It is easy to customize DOR’s to meet your requirements. Our Form Wizard allows you to create Categories, Questions, and select a Point System to help measure your trainee’s performance. You can view graphs that break down their progress from a total score down to each individual question.

  • Manage Recruit and FTO access to DOR module
  • Pre-loaded 1-7 point scale system
  • Select scoring option of (1-3) through (1-7) points
  • Optional electronic signature verification
  • Optional supervisor approval signature workflow
  • N.O. (Not Observed) and N.R.T. (Not Responding to Training) built into scoring

Manage Checklists to ensure you accomplish all phases

Customize checklists and allow for Trainee and Trainer signatures that creates accountability dur-ing the process. Color-coded helps you easily identify when a line item is complete, partially complete, or still pending.

Trainee Driven checklists are initiated by the trainee, with.a final signature coming from their trainer.


Trainee Timeline

This color-coded page allows the supervisors to see a visual of all DOR’s on a single page, providing data for them to compare the results each day.

Easy to identify colors makes it easy to see if there is a drop in score from one day to another. And allows them to focus their attention on areas that may need improvement.


Report / Analyze Your Daily Observation Data

Now that the DOR’s are complete and stored nicely within the Reports tab, take full advantage of your data and truly analyze the results.

With real-time dashboards and reports, you can easily identify trends, positive qualities, and are-as for improvement, which allows you to monitor progress and provide additional training.

  • Employee Dashboard Displays DOR history
  • Track Training Progress Through Easy to Interpret Graphs
  • Report by Recruit Overall Scores
  • Report by Category Breakdown
  • Report by Individual Question
  • Advanced Reporting to Slice-N-Dice Data
  • Report by N.R.T. Flags

Collect all questions scored with N.R.T. Great to identify trends and patterns


General Report - Daily Observation Reports

An easy way to mix-n-match segments of data to deliver the results you need.

  • Parse out any combination of you data contained in the DORs
  • Separate DOR and Event counts since multiple “Events” can occur within a DOR
  • Easy access to the DORs being reported for further

Manage Supervisor Signature Workflow

  • Allows the option to have another member of your staff approve DORs
  • This can be done either before or after the DOR is sent to the recruit for them to review
  • When the DOR is assigned, the person will receive an email notification that they have a DOR waiting for their signature
  • Able to select multiple people to assign the report to for review and signature

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