Manage Your Employee’s Training, Mandates, Expenses & Range / Defensive Tactics in One Platform

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Training Tracker Features:
  • Manage all training mandates. (down to the hour if needed)
  • Allow employees to request training
  • Create training courses, events and send invitations to employees
  • Manage range, defensive tactics and armory (for police)
  • Run reports on expenses, mandates, schedules, and more

Manage Your Training Courses One Time

Set-It and Forget-It...

You can enter the main level training course one time. Add the details for the course and re-use this stored training course for future events.

  • Create the Training Course one time
  • Apply Categories, Budget Categories, Sponsors, Specialties and Mandates that the train-ing course covers
  • Use the same training course for future events to minimize duplicate entry and better top-level report options

Create training events, enter the details and invite multiple employees from one page

You can do everything that is needed to create a training event from one page. No more toggling from page to page, or between applications to get the information you need.

Now, you will have a simple step-by-step process to provide all the information to the in-vited officers in minutes.

After selecting the main level training course, you are ready to build the event.


Employee Requested Training

Allow your employees to request training from the list of courses that have already been built out or allow them to enter a new course. The request has to be approved and then gets entered into the system.


Employee Roster has all training information within one-click

Supervisors can see all employees’ training history. Cruise through the tabs to visually see all the data collected over time.

Employees can access their own dashboard and training records. Gives them a better un-derstanding of their history, can view pending and completed courses, complete surveys, upload certificates, etc.


Range Entry and Weapon Lists

It is simple to create a range entry. After the officer shoots, you can create an entry direct-ly into the "range entry" section. Select the officer, enter the details and it is DONE.

These records will be stored on the Officer Range List and also viewed from the officer dashboard page where they can see their own entries and scores.


Range and DT Reporting Features

Both the Range and Defensive Tactics come with detailed reporting features. You can view three entries in an Overview screen to visually see the results in a table, including the ex-piration dates of the entries.

You can also view in a grid format, which you can then export to XLS or PDF files to pro-vide to supervisors, state training boards, etc.


Expense Reports

Easily generate expense reports with many filters to narrow your results.

  • Narrow results to individual employees or view the entire roster
  • Filter your results by payment status
  • Select particular training locations to get specific expenses
  • Export to PDF or XLS for easy distribution

Mandate reports and overview screen

The Mandate Overview screen is a quick color visual that will identify employees that have not completed requirements.


Training Hours Reports

We know how important keeping track of training hours are to your agency. Generate re-ports to help manage your roster:

  • Get a total number of training hours your agency has completed
  • Select all employees or specific users
  • Select a date range to easily produce monthly and quarterly reports
  • Great for FOIA requests on training hours
  • Track training hours by location
  • Export to PDF or XLS for easy distribution

Training Course Reports

Select a specific training course or location to run a report.

  • Select a unique location to show how much training has been done at a specific training center
  • Filter results by a date range to narrow the data
  • Select All or unique employees for your search
  • Export to PDF or XLS for easy distribution

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