Simplify Your Internal Affairs Process and Create an Early Intervention System

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Pro-Standards Tracker Features:
  • Track officer trends and identify training as needed
  • Early Intervention helps identify personnel that may benefit from health and wellness resources
  • Alert system to notify supervisors when a report is filed
  • Provide detailed data for annual reports

Use of Force Module Makes it Easy to Create, Manage, Track and Report all the details

  • Easy-To-Use Interface for Officers
  • Force Used Body Segment Selector
  • Simple Chain-of-Command Workflow
  • Real-Time Use of Force Statistics
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Publish Results To Your Website

Manage Vehicle Pursuits for your Department

  • Easy-To-Use Interface for Officers
  • Track everything from Pursuit Details, Incident Conditions, Officers involved Subject infor-mation, Crash
  • Information and Pursuit Termination technique used
  • Attached link to MVR and BWC videos
  • Supervisor workflow approval process

Conduct and Wellness Tracking

  • Track events as they happen and update the employee’s portfolio in real-time
  • Take the guess-work out of the equation and let the system send you notifications when certain criteria is met
  • Easily compare the Conduct to Wellness events per individual or as a team
  • Get an overview of your dispatchers’ history to help you make informed decisions

Manage "Compliments" to your Department

  • Record and track all compliment submissions in one cloud-based database
  • Easily identify the positive performance of your officers
  • Give the public the ability to submit a compliment online (optional public portal)
  • Export the results by time-frame, officer, to be easily used in reporting to chiefs and village of-ficials

Manage "Complaints" to your Department

  • Record and track all complaints in one cloud-based database
  • Easily identify issues and apply targeted training where needed
  • Manage the Resolution and Discipline during Disposition
  • Store documentation directly within the complaint record for organization and easy access
  • Give the public the ability to submit a complaint online (optional public portal)
  • Export the results in seconds for reporting to chiefs and village officials

Track “Awards" of your employees

• Easily update details of awards received by your employees

• Collected in employee dashboard for historic visibility and promotion opportunities No image


Employee Dashboard

Employee dashboard will collect all incidents created in Pro-Standards Tracker and display them on a single report. This visual gives supervisors the entire body-of-work of the employee and can be used for performance evaluations and yearly reviews.


Public Portal (Optional)

Most states require that you have a dedicated page on your website for citizens to learn about your professional standards, as well as give them direction to submitting a compliment or com-plaint.

The Professional Standards Tracker allows you to link your website to the system where you can keep track of submissions and provide a consistent environment for record keeping.

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