QA Tracker

Export PDF of Ready for Approval QA's


Export your list of Ready for Approval QA Evaluations to PDF.

Purge Historical Records


Purge historical records by date range and by form.

Manage Account > Purge Historical Records (in the bottom right of the screen) > Select your date range, and form.

Differentiate QA Points by Color


QA Evaluations score color is red on 'No' answers and blue on 'Yes', to quickly differentiate between your scoring.

Whats New!


Quickly access Frontline's updates with the 'Whats New!' icon in the top right of the program, or My Frontline.

This will take you directly to our Software Updates page, where we keep you up to date with recent product development!

Live QA


We have added Live QA as an on/off feature in our QA Platform. To enable this feature, under Manage Account > My Account > Check 'Allow Live QA Evaluations'.

After enabling it under My Account, go to your Manage QA Forms and enable 'Live QA Form' for the forms you will use in Live QA. 

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