Policy Tracker

Hide All Policies/Memos


Hide the 'All Policies', and or 'All Memos' Tab from all users, under Manage Account.

Whats New!


Quickly access Frontline's updates with the 'Whats New!' icon in the top right of the program, or My Frontline.

This will take you directly to our Software Updates page, where we keep you up to date with recent product development!

Archived Signatures Report


View all archived signatures in your Employee Signature Status Report.

This new feature allows you to easily download your historical data of Policy Distribution, and Signature Status in a PDF or Excel Document.

Reports > Policy Report > Employee Signature Status > Click the employee name > Select the drop down arrow next to the 'View' icon.


Download Archived Policy Signature Acknowledgement


View and download archived policy signature acknowledgments.

Go to Reports > Policy Report > Policy Distribution/Overview > Select the name of the policy > Select 'View Archived' at the top > 'View' Policy > 'View' Employee.

It will bring up the archived policy with employee signature, you can then download the policy with the signature acknowledgement at the bottom of the screen.

Policy Tracker - Download Memo Signature


When you view a Memo you can now click 'Download Signature Acknowledgement' and download the signature, and memo in one PDF.

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