Professional Standards

Archive Records


You can now Archive Records, and view currently Archived Records, in the same place you will Purge Records.

Under Manage Account > My Account, scroll to the bottom right. 

You can filter by date, and module to Archive.

Advanced Force Report Custom Filters


Save custom filters per user for your Advanced Force Report.

Employee Document Library


Under each users Employee Roster, you can now upload documents to their individual document library.

Supervisor Access to Dashboard


You can now allow Supervisors access to the dashboard.

In the user management section, check the box for 'Allow Supervisor Access to Dashboard' per supervisor you want to have Dashboard access.

Whats New!


Quickly access Frontline's updates with the 'Whats New!' icon in the top right of the program, or My Frontline.

This will take you directly to our Software Updates page, where we keep you up to date with recent product development!

Pro Standards - View All


You can now select 'All' in the Use of Force, Vehicle Pursuits, and Complaints modules.

'All' will give you a grid view of all Open, Pending Assigned, Pending Review, Pending Approval, it will not show Completed in this list.

Pro Standards - Complainant Questions


For the Public Portal we have added, "The complainant requests to be contacted".

For the Internal Entry we have added, "The complainant requests to be contacted", "The complainant was advised of the timeframe for the complaint investigation completion", "The complainant was notified of the investigation's conclusion".

Use of Force - Group/Shift Comparison Report


New Use of Force Report to compare your group/shifts. 

Keyword Search Report


Enter any keyword and the system will search all the Narrative and Supervisor Comments.

Group/Shift Multi-Select


You can now add multiple Group/Shift to users in user management.

Update Purge Records and Incident Number Report


Purge Records:

There is now a report that allows you to list all of the records in Pro-Standards, and give you the ability to "purge" any records that you wish to remove from your database. We also made the headers sortable so you can rearrange them as you would like. 

Incident Number Report:

Simply enter your CAD/Incident # and click search. You will see results for any records that match.

Ideal to get a full view of an incident, and display if there was a Use of Force, Vehicle Pursuit, Compliment, Complaint, Award, Conduct and Wellness.

Wellness - Multi-Select Employees


You can now add multiple employees when creating a Wellness.

Public Portal - Complaints Disclaimer


You can now add a disclaimer to Public Portal Complaints, they will have to select 'I Agree' to this disclaimer before submitting. 

Peer to Peer Compliments


Allow your employees to make Compliments on their peers, and submit to Supervisor for approval.

  • Employee will have the ability to create a compliment and select a peer employee.
  • Submit for Supervisor approval.
  • Supervisor can sign off on compliment or send bak to employee for changes.
  • Once completed, the compliment will be added to the employee dashboard.

Customize Your Early Intervention


Apply all the settings per module to be used to set your score tolerance. These settings will determine the early intervention risk levels based on the points the employee has collected within the pro-standards modules.

Conduct/Wellness - Choose to have employee signature


In Pro Standards on Conduct/Wellness, you now have the ability to choose whether you want the employee to sign off on that incident. The employee will receive an email letting them know that a conduct/wellness incident has been created on them.

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