Give the Residents a Portal to Provide Information about Non-Emergency Inquiries

Citizen Reporting Features:
  • Allow residents to file basic reports through public portal
  • Manage the “report types” you allow to be submitted
  • Automated notification email when a report is filed online
  • Allows the officers to stay on the street instead of taking basic reports

Detailed Entry Screen

Allow residents to report non-emergency reports from the public portal saves resources and time. The police department controls the types of incidents that can be reported as well as if reports can be submitted anonymously or not.

Once submitted from the public portal, the record will be submitted into the Citizen Reporting grid view, and will remain there until the entry has been closed.

The department will receive an email immediately when the portal entry is submitted.


Public Portal - Citizen Reporting

These form submissions can be managed by the department, and forwarded off to the village, public works or officers in the area. This portal will keep the phone lines open for emergency situations.

Benefits of the Citizen Reporting Public Portal:

  • Allow residents to notify your department of minor issues, saving the police department from having to respond to the reporting party’s residence.
  • Customize what reports you allow the residents to enter online. For example, damage to property reports, lost article reports, crime tips.
  • Once the report has been filed customize who within the police department that report goes to and respond in real time... saving time and resources

High visibility to all open citizen reports

Dashboard view will show all open citizen reports. Sort and filter the data, with the ability to Disposition the report once completed

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