Contact Card (Field Interview) / Trespass Warnings Software for Police Departments

Contact Card Features:
  • Add suspect info and a photo
  • Create FI card and document incident with a photo
  • Create a Trespass Warning with details of warning
  • Upload PDF document to access trespass warning
  • Run reports to track FI cards, date ranges, beats or zones

Create Contact

Create the contact record one time and continue to add on to it for future interactions.

The officers have the ability to create a contact. This is where he can input the contact infor-mation, upload a photo, add physical descriptions or identifiers that can be searched by a De-tective later if needed.

This main contact record is where all the Field Interviews and Trespass Warnings will be stored. The officer will have one aerial view of all details from one screen.


Field Interviews

Adding field interviews allows the department to track how often and why this person has been stopped.

Document the date and time they were stopped and add a narrative of what he/she was doing at the time.

We give you the ability to add vehicle information, property information and associates they might be with.


Trespass Warnings

Give the officers all the details right from their MDT’s or smart phones

The Criminal Trespass tab allows officers to officially track when a contact has been banned at a store or other location. With this the officers can quickly pull up the contact and check the trespass warning to see if they can make the arrest.

The trespass platform allows you to customize the timeframe of the trespass warning. This cre-ates a “countdown” clock on the record, which allows the officer to know how many days are remaining on this trespass letter. It is color coded to help officers know if it is an active warn-ing, 30 days from expiring or expired criminal trespass.

We also give the officer the ability to upload the actual criminal trespass warning to be able to show what was provided to the contact and when.


Contact Card Reporting

All the information at your fingertips.

Detectives can now put in a date range and select the customized category they need to get the data they are looking for. For example, a residential burglary occurred a week ago, use the report-ing function to put in a date range and see if any officers entered in a field interview card of someone they stopped and look at the photos of what the contact might have been carrying.

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