Simple, Fast Solution to Manage your Overnight Parking Requirements


Overnight Parking Module Dashboard

  • The Overnight Parking Dashboard provides a quick overview list of all vehicles that have been approved to park in the street on any given day
  • The list is sorted by the start date so that an officer can review the length of stay for any given vehicle
  • A search bar is provided that allows users to search for specific information. For exam-ple, enter a license plate number and click “Submit”. The line item matching the plate number will be displayed and all other listings will be hidden. This allows the user to fo-cus on the vehicle in question
  • For more information on a vehicle, an Overnight Parking Details page can be displayed by clicking on the icon in the “View” Column

Add a New Overnight Parking Entry

  • Adding a NEW ENTRY to the Overnight Parking list is quick and easy. Just click on “+ ADD NEW” button and you will be presented with a data entry dialog box.
  • The FRONTLINE system will automatically check the license plate number against our database and fetch any corresponding results. If the license plate was previously en-tered, fields such as Make, Model, Color and Vehicle Location will be auto filled.
  • If the entry is new to the system, just add the details into the dialog box and the data will be saved for future reference.

Manage Overnight Vehicle Parking

Each community varies in the number of days that they allow vehicles to park on city streets overnight. In the “Manage Overnight Parking” section, administrators can choose the number of days. This will update the entire database and will show the number of days a vehicle has used this service.

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