Simple, Fast Solution to Manage your Vacation Watch House Checks


Vacation Watch Dashboard

The Vacation Watch Dashboard module will show an overview list of all of the current proper-ties that have been called in from the owners. If the date range of the entry matches the cur-rent date, it will appear on this view. When the dates have expired, the listing will automatical-ly be removed from the list, but the data will be saved for future reference.

Automated Emails to Residents Offer Them Peace of Mind

When an officer performs a House Watch, they indicate through the program if everything was ok, or if there was a problem. The officer can also include a narrative, and when completed, the resident will receive an email with the status update.


Vacation Watch Details

Officers are able to see information such as Name, Phone Number and Email. They even have access to length of vacation, if the home has an alarm system, if there are pets on the premis-es, is there a house sitter, and emergency contact information.


Add a New Vacation Watch Entry

  • Simple entry screen either through the program, or from the Public Portal
  • If resident has previously requested a Vacation Watch, system will recognize their email address and auto-populate the rest of the information

Let the residents enter their own requests

See how the Public Portal works with the Vacation Watch Module!

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