Notify Officers and Track Specific Areas Which Need Attention or Enforcement

Directed Patrol Features:
  • Maintain records and time stamp when officers conduct the Directed Patrol
  • Track the number of tickets and warnings issued
  • Reports to provide to residents/government officials
  • Real-time access from police vehicle

Directed Patrol Data

You can search for old Directed Patrols based on type or address/location and pull information on actions your officers took.


Directed Patrol Dashboard

The Directed Patrol Dashboard is an overview of problem areas which have been called in by the public or identified by other department members that need attention. The Dashboard will show all officers and supervisor/command staff location/s, reasons for the patrol, results and time frame for the special patrol.


Directed Patrol Details

The Directed Patrol Details popup window offers additional information as to what is on the dashboard. The extra information allows officers to record what action was taken while on the Directed Patrol Assignment. This window also allows for officers, supervisors or command staff to view what action was taken by officers who were on the assignment.


Add A New Directed Patrol Entry

As an Administrator level user, you are able to create, sort and view Directed Patrol that have been assigned. You can search for old Directed Patrols based on type or address/location. You are able to view enforcement actions that officers have taken at each location and each time an officer completed one of the assignments.

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